We help you become more familiar with
Korean culture and language.

Learning a new language is a fun journey! It feels amazing to communicate in a foreign country by just using a few basic phrases. Then you decide to study the language more seriously and realize it's actually quite challenging. Even after becoming capable of carrying decent conversations, you know you just don't sound like yourself in that language. 

In the end, a language is a tool to convey what you want to share about yourself. After studying the basic linguistic fundamentals, you need to find the right conversing style that fits your personality and circumstances. If you learn this properly, you can fit right in the culture.  

Korean123 is a website and tutoring service that prepares you to become more familiar with Korean culture and language. Learn with us not just the Korean language but the conversation style that best reflects who you truly are. We are certain that this will make your Korean more natural and help you feel more confident.